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Welcome to Roo Racing!

Welcome to Roo Racing! We're the ultimate destination for high-performance Subaru parts, aiming to elevate your ride to new heights! Founded in 2023, we're passionate about building your Subaru's power with precision parts, that ensure it purrs like a happy kangaroo.
Our name reflects agility, power, and fun—Suba-roo, Roo Racing—because we're all about giving you a boost that'll make you jump for joy! Our product range is vast, offering everything from fuel injection to big brake kits, all meticulously designed for better reliability and performance.
But we're more than parts. As a community of automotive enthusiasts, we're here to share our knowledge. Whether you're a track pro or just starting, we offer advice, answers to your questions, and maybe even some entertaining stories from the road.

Nothing frustates me more than being unable to supply you with your needs immediately. If you ask for something and I tell you it isn't in stock, you can bet your butt I'll have that product stocked on the next incoming order!
Join us on this thrilling journey! Together, we'll make your Subaru engine roar like a true champion.
At Roo Racing, it's where performance meets personality!