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25 Row Track Attack Engine Oil Cooler Kit

25 Row Track Attack Engine Oil Cooler Kit

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The Fuji Racing Track attack 25row engine oil cooler has been extensively tested during 2023 & early 2024 and even a trips to the Nurburgring and the results have proven themself track day after track day. There hasn’t been any 15-20min testing with this oil cooler, its been tested on flat-out track days with some sessions lasting over 2hrs and the only reason we have come in is to refuel and then straight back out. Temperatures have stayed a constant 110-120c even during traffic and chasing other cars on the track. It even withheld up to Misha’s flat out lap around the ring without breaking a sweat, after 1 flat out lap of the Nurburgring oil temps peaked at 98c meaning you can go round and around a track all day long and not have to worry about overheating issues. There a reason top car manufacturers test their high-performance cars on this track right ? If it can cope with the Nurburgring it can cope with every race track on the planet.

One thing we have concluded is that no off-the-shelf oil cooler kit will suit everyone’s needs, it’s just impossible with the number of variations like induction kits, brake ducts, intercooler kits etc, to offer a good quality kit that will provide top results on every single car. We have come up with a solution that works for every situation. The Fuji Racing Track Attack oil cooler includes the basics you’ll need for optimal engine oil cooling. Each kit comes with a 330mm 25row engine oil cooler which can be mounted just about anywhere on the front of the car. We include 3 meters of 200 series oil resistant high temperature hose which is enough to mount it in front of the radiator or RH inner wing/fender, engine block union adaptor, 4 90 degree AN10 swivel fittings, 2 straight AN10 swivel fittings, the straight fittings are suited for applications where the oil cooler is mounted in front of the radiator. 2 90 degree fittings for the oil cooler adaptor & 2 90 degree fittings if fitting the oil cooler into the inner wing. It also comes with the OG Fuji Racing oil cooler adaptor specifically made for the Subaru EJ platform and used by Prodrive for the p25 restomod in a choice of the Iconic Fuji Racing Gold or Gloss Black Anodised.

We do not include any fitting brackets in this kit as this is an impossible part of the kit due to so many variations. This will need to be fabricated when fitting the oil cooler, these can be made using 2mm alloy bar and rubber bobbin mounts.


Suitable for the following models:

  • All Subaru EJ Engines

We recommend the factory engine oil cooler modine be removed, this will also help with engine coolant temps too

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