Who are Fuji Racing? Unveiling the Passion and Precision Behind Subaru Performance

Who are Fuji Racing? Unveiling the Passion and Precision Behind Subaru Performance

Fuji Racing isn't just like any other car parts brand. It's a mix of smart skills, great British work, and a huge love for Subarus. It's part of Import Car Parts (ICP) and stands for good quality, fair prices, and new ideas for making Subarus better.

ICP has been selling real and other car parts for Subarus across Europe since the late 90s. Fuji Racing is their new idea to make better parts just for Subaru fans.

Luke, Lewis, and Mark started Fuji Racing because they really love Subarus. They wanted to make parts that were good but didn't cost a lot, thinking about what the customers wanted.

Fuji Racing started in 2017 after a lot of planning. They looked at how people make Subarus faster in Japan and mixed that with great ideas from Britain to make parts that work well and look cool.

Their first parts came out in February 2019, and that was a big deal for Subaru fans. The parts are really good and come with a cool website that shows how they make them.

For people who love Subarus in Australia, Fuji Racing is more than just new parts. It's about making their cars better. Every part they make is for Subaru WRX cars with the special EJ engine. It helps make the car faster, better, and cooler. From making the engine better to how the car looks and stops, these parts make driving way more fun.

Fuji Racing doesn't only sell parts; they help Subaru fans make their cars amazing. They give chances for fun drives, make the cars better, and help people have awesome times on roads and tracks. It's where people who love Subarus can get great stuff made just for them.

Are you wondering about how to choose the right parts for your Subaru? Fuji Racing's team is always ready to help you. They want every Subaru lover to find the perfect parts to make their car special. Sign up to our newsletters and follow our social media accounts for the latest news and tips on Subaru performance tuning.

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